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Grandmother Tree

We are the continuation of generations of love stories. We write new chapters of the stories that came before us, and begin chapters that will unfold long after we are gone.

This is our love story. 

Together, as lovers, as family and as a community, we will come together to build a tree: Grandmother Tree. She will tell us about love. She will share our stories.


So how has love touched your life?


Help bring our vision to life! Any contribution, large or small, supports us in being able to build and transport Grandmother Tree. Thank you for being a part of our family :-)


What is Grandmother Tree?

Grandmother Tree is an interactive sculpture being built by Wildflower & Driftwood. It is the story of our love, and the generations of love that have come before us, and will come after us. We are the leaders of the project, and it is being built by a community of family and friends. She will be displayed at a few local venues, and then make her way to Black Rock City 2022 in deep playa.


Hidden throughout Grandmother Tree will be whimsical Gnome Home's filled with our Gnomie Homie's living there magical lives, and living on love. The gnome homes are here to remind us of our inner children and playful spirits that are able to come out when given a safe space to explore and be curious. Inspiration for the look of the Tree comes from a variety of different trees: Madrone, Bay-Laurel, Eastern Redbud & Linden. She will have an east facing 2 person seat at her core. She will be made out of reclaimed wood, metal, and hardware recovered from previous Burning Man projects, fences, barns, and construction sites. The visual impact from afar will be whimsical, mysterious and intriguing. As people draw closer, they will see intricate details pertaining to our love story. At night time the Tree will be lit.

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Meet the Makers

It was 2016...

Wildflower's first Burn. Hunger & poor planning drove her to the camp across the street, EleVant Rising, to try and win the raffle for dinner that night. Alas, fate would have it that no dinner was to be had...but, a kind spirited young gentleman, Driftwood Smolder, asked for her address. Pretty certain he was of good nature, Wildflower gifted him with this information. She then went on her hungry way. A few weeks later a letter arrived...and so it began. It was under Grandmother Tree, a beautiful Bay Laurel hidden in Golden Gate Park, that Wildflower responded to Driftwood's first letter. 2 years of friendship, hundreds of letters exchanged back and forth, and a love that grew with each written word, each story told by pen put to paper. Their love unfolded, detached from time and space. In 2018 they shared with each other the romantic love they felt for one another, and announced it to the world. We honor Grandmother Tree through this interactive art sculpture we shall build. Hidden within her limbs will be the unfolding of our love story, and the stories that have shaped our love. We can't wait to read your love stories, and co-mingle them with ours.


"We are art. Our stories are art. Sharing them helps us connect, open, learn, and unlearn ways of being that may have kept us imprisoned for millennia. Through 3 dimensional storytelling, we are finding creative ways to free our spirits, change our way of thinking, and create new ways of moving through the world. We are uncovering & building pathways towards reciprocity and respect amongst all beings. What stories are moving through you?"


Wildflower & Driftwood Smolder

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Want to learn more about what we are creating? Want to Participate? We would love to hear from you!

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